Heart problem or anxiety

Aug 2020
I have heart condition from 7 year. My age is 40. Many cardiologist in Pakistan checked me. Angio graphy done . But 30 to 40 percent blockage. Doctors suggested medicine treatment. But from 2 years i feel difficulty in bath , if i walk my heart stopping. My heart feel not taking taking proper oxygen. Many times go to hospital emergency. My condition is so bad. I cannot take ETT test. Because i cannot walk well how i can run. Last day i was again in hospital. Doctors said you have anxiety. But i dont trust. Because when i happy its not attack. When i walk it attack bafly. I feel my heart muscles r so weak. But doctors or cardiologist dont belive. Everyday i live snd die. I condult msny psychologists also. They said u have fear. They often give me estaloplam, alp etc. But my condition is going so bad. Now i cannot walk 10 mints. One dr said you have hypochondriasis and you can got heart attack with in year. When i walk more my heart feel stoping. I m attacjing my some ecgs. If anyone can read and guess am i have real heart problem.Tell me what i do. tell me what problem i have. What i do.
Mar 2020
It's possible that your condition is so bad that your psychologists, not knowing about medical conditions are blaming it on a psychiatric condition.

You said you saw a heart doctor and that your heart was clogged. If someone who examined you told you that your heart was clogged then your heart was clogged. If they're not helping you it might be because you don't have the money to pay them.

If you really do have bad anxiety... I knew someone who had bad anxiety and he got on an antianxiety med and his life went crazy. He was better off being anxious. The antianxiety meds mad him suicidal.

Anxiety might be a product of a bad heart or a bad heart might be a product of anxiety as well.

L Argenine is a legal heart health nutrient you can buy online if you have shipping in your area and modest money for it.

Antianxiety pills might reduce your heart pressure, but they probably won't remove a blockage. Also removing anxiety had bad side effects for people who don't k ow how to live without it.

I am not a clinician. My opinions are not scientifically supported.

Hypochondria is a real disease, but it is dangerous to jump to that conclusion unless you really don't want to deal with someone else's problems even if they die.

Unless you have "cried wolf" in the past there's no reason to label you a hypochondriac.

It depends on whether someone has diagnosed you with a heart condition or not. Take that documentation to your psychiatrist. It still may be that you also have anxiety, but you psychiatrist should make wiser decisions on the medication she gives you.

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