Have you ever had your trauma being used against you to predict your future

Jul 2021
It's really exhausting to deal with that, I feel really bad after that, and it's so unpleasant. Like, I am an adult, so it's kinda rude disrespectful and I am now starting to believe is a sexist view of the world too as you only get that, whereas guys don't get that same attitude. I respect both women and men, so for me it is a bit awkward when that happens. Some say histrionics love different, and are exaggerated, however, being yelled at because you care too much for me is a bit dumm, and at the same time putting me down and other derogatory things, Idk if that is really just overly exaggerated behaviour, it is disruptive, but especially whenever I provide positive news to someone they put me down and yell, could that be envy? Perhaps it is an element of histrionic personality too, that noone ever observed previously.

I thought sexism is envy towards women, as you don't see the same against me, so you feel awkward. But every time I give good news I get abuse, instead of happiness and sadistic behaviour and even a lack of empathy for making me angry, over the abuse. I mean I am not mad yet, but some people might get mad, if they are laughed at continuously when they are made angry after being abused, and then mocked for being angry after being abused, I am grateful I am healthy, but physical health has suffered in the past over it. And there's lots of bullies out there, but I don't understand what does the bully achieve by doing it, all this for attention and envy and the worst part is they don't like people who behave like them, so it's a double standard.