Gut feeling of the HSP

Jul 2021
I just have never been wrong about things, but I wish I had been. I just don't think this employer is going to get back to me today with an offer, lol. As we process information differently by others, everything is information. If did, it would be the one-off time I may have been wrong.
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Nov 2021
Location Land
You're not an HSP, you're a delusional little retard who lives inside her own head and mistakes it for above average intelligence and empathy. You have so little of both those two qualities that you are willing to single out entire groups as subhuman just because you don't like them. You believe in a number of unscientific concepts such as "sanpaku eyes" and that psychopaths don't feel pain. What's next, psychopaths don't have souls XD ? You want to believe that psychopaths are subhuman, so you pick and choose your beliefs about them like a low level Neo-Nazi retard does about Jews.