Fear and Anger

Mar 2020
Fear seems to be the only motivator in the world. Is it just me? I'm sure this applies to everyone.

The only reason to do something is so something opposite doesn't happen to you. This is the root of all strategy. If anyone does anything it is to avoid what would happen if he didn't do it.

Losing fear of death made me consider suicide. Losing fear of being invalid made me take days off a lenient job. Losing fear of never getting a better job made me quit other jobs.

Being afraid of being dominated made me commit "assault" (I was defending my property.) Being afraid of being a homosexual made me pursue women agresively. Being afraid of disappointing women made me work harder for money to afford them and negotiate with my father. Being afraid of disappointing my mom gave me straight A's in grade school and high school.

Losing fear of being noticed got me banned from a gas station and several forums. Losing fear of death made me take on dangerous tasks. Losing fear of hell made me watch pornography.


Anger (epinephrine) is the byproduct of fear (norepinephrine) (or my chemistry could be off.) Anger is the gasoline refined from the crude oil, fear. When I lose fear and then anger, I don't do the right thing. When I have fear and Anger I do the "right" thing, or at least something that benefits society to some degree.

End the war on terror, or redefine it as the war on terrorists. Stop demonizing anger, but rather demonize illegal violence. There must be some sort of line between the human necessary motivation and the illegal entities.

If you want to really boil it down, defund the police and see who wins. That's not going to be pretty, but it seems to be the direction we're headed. I'm not allowed to own weapons, so I'm going to be the first martyr for my Lord and Savior, who everyone has been spitting on since original sin.

In yo face!

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Aug 2020
Fear may be a force. But I doubt makes you happy.
So you may consider base your acts in better ideas. Just because you deserve it.