Engines, machines

Mar 2020
I'm interested in engines and machines. I see the human body and brain as a machine.

Without pressure your blood doesn't flow and your neuro chemicals don't move.

Without pressure is death.

The biological structure of the body is a machine filed by pressure and chemicals.

The body is the only machine I know how to manipulate.

I'm also interested in computer machines and my projector TV/DVD player.

I'm interested in machines that enhance humanity as all machines do.

People who are offended by machines offend me with their ignorance that brings down society.

Hollywood demonizing machines should be punished.

My apartment is a dysfunctional machine.

I have whiteboards, calendars, a computer, a projector TV/DVD player, books, mp3 player, vaporizer, microwave, stove top, refrigerator, fans, and amino acid powders.

My computer has internet with plenty of material: learning material online, my website, video journals, music, some writings of mine. Input/output.

If only I could make sense of it all and connect it properly.

My biggest challenge is manipulation of my time. I wish I could have a structured schedule as well as be free to do what I want. I can't have both. I spend most of my days just wandering through material.

I don't spend enough time studying and writing. My main input/output. I usually just listen to the same music albums over and over and vape on my bed. Those are my preferred pass times.

Instead of learning from books and courses I've developed my own method of learning with whiteboards. Writing concepts and connecting them.

I'm obsessed with global general education as I feel my specialized and classical education has cheated me of understanding of how the world functions today.

Twitter was my most useful tool but I keep getting locked out of my accounts by moderators.

I'm usually banned from all social media. My only real outlet is my websites which arnt moderated. (or even looked at.)

I lack severely a social network as I usually scare weak people away or make strong people want to literally kill me. I escaped murder twice in the last 3 months.

My psychiatrist refuses to let me off my mind prison antipsychotics, and my parents are afraid of me getting off my antipsychotics cause they like me with inferior intelligence as I do not offend them with my diverse levels of understanding, which they refuse to accept.

I have two loyal long distance relationships and I pay them to tolerate me and stay in touch. I've learned that financially renting a girlfriend is the only method a white man has to keep her around.

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