Emotionally unexpressive friend

Mar 2021
Boca Raton
Hello, I have a question about a friend of mine. I have known this friend for a very long time (since toddler age) and has changed a lot in the past 10 or so years. Throughout the last few years, my friend has developed an addiction for video gaming and has dropped pretty much all social and physical activities. His eating habits have changed a lot and he has lost a great amount of weight. As of now he is extremely skinny (basically skin and skeleton). I recently went on a a trip with him and his family and the trip was made uncomfortable by my friend’s very dry presence. Nothing seems to interest him... wherever we went he expressed no interest, excitement, or any feeing at all. He just seemed unenthusiastic about absolutely everything.

It is also impossible to have a basic conversation with him. If I ask him a question (serious or not) his response is almost always “I don’t know” It goes the same way with his own parents and close family as they always gets the “I don’t know” responses too.
And when I try to talk to him, his replies are dry, shallow and unreasonably funny to him.
It’s extremely infuriating and uncomfortable to be around this guy. He is just the most dead person I have ever met. Just a literal walking corpse that died. There is no life, no emotion, no love within him. He has no romantic interest and no passion (maybe except for video games).
I’ve read a little about a condition called “Schizoid personality disorder” but am still unsure if this is what he has. He does not see a therapist and he is probably incapable of making the decision to do so.

My question is, what’s going on? Why is he like this? What can I do to help? And how can I cope with someone like this?

Thank you!
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Aug 2021
Many possibilities.
If he is distracting himself I suspect ptsd/cptsd. It's all I know, though. That could manifest many ways. Depression, dissociation, derealization...