Effect of alcohol on alcoholic’s children

May 2008
The dependency on alcohol affect the child of an alcohalic in a very depressive order.It is the children who are worsely affected with alcohol over a course of life span whish leads the to problems in the form of fetal alcohol syndrome, which is first manifested in infancy; emotional problems and hyperactivity in childhood; emotional problems and conduct problems in adolescence; and the development of alcoholism in adulthood.
Jun 2008
Well the child basically learns that acohol is the solution to everything if they have alcoholic parents and that makes them and alcoholic when they become an adult


Unending and at times indefinable. You never know what a kid/child takes/learns from observing a parent. The effects of alcohol on the addict heavily affects the addict’s family. Few things one can think of are:
- Depression
- Child becoming alcoholic
- Anger
- Keeping self away from the parent/family
May 2009
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Well the child basically learns that acohol is the solution to everything if they have alcoholic parents and that makes them and alcoholic when they become an adult

I think that the problem of the children of the alcoholic parents is much more deep. I think that the organism of these children reacts to the alcohol in the same way as of their parents. And there is the problem of the heredity.
Aug 2009

i get pissed at how people deal with problems.
Avoidance is still taught in management as being legitimate.

in stressful times it is important to have a clear head when you make moves.
Grog and fags are what people reach for .
Fags are what a huge sector of society use when they are stressed.
in these moments the smoker should deal with the situation rather than have a smoke which solves nothing.

My underlying idea is that we must deal with stuff .

Dec 2010
The level of how the child is affected by the alcoholism of parents really varies. It depends on whether there was physical abuse or not, how the other family members reacted for problem, how their peers reacted and so on. In most cases the family pretends not to see the problem. The child is told that their parent love them even when reality too obviously denies it and is told that he/ she should love and respect parents and that they always want good for them. Such attitude causes a deep confusion and self- blaming for not loving the parent enough, feeling of being a bad child. The peers usually laugh at the home situation of AC, he/she grows separated from the others with feeling of inadequacy. The general opinion about you is you are a pathology, because the society worship the genetic model not giving you even Mendel's optimistic version of chance 1:4 for acquiring both allels of the gene. So unless you find some good friends who will not reject you and teach you some social skills for free not making a big deal about some understanding and compassion this can put you on the highway to the gutter, but doesn't have too. You can escape into art or music yet, find your own worth in doing something really well and slowly pull yourself out. I think more of us actually feels abhor to alcohol or at least to getting drunk. And seeing your parent so stripped of intellectual skills and higher emotions makes you question it as the solution for the problem. As you grow older you find out that they have debts and that alcohol slowly kills them. You carry some scares which can hurt from time to time, but basically they are healed and you can perfectly well live with them and often achieve more than always shielded and protected kids of other people.