Early childhood Trauma

Jan 2020
Hi, i have a severe early childhood trauma and i want to ask what i can do to resolve this? The trauma is not present i dont have flashbacks but it had deep impact on my development.
Mar 2020
If you do not feel comfortable sharing your trauma online, you should talk in private with a therapist about it.

It maybe that the experience was not traumatic. Childhood trauma is often misunderstood. It may have simply been discipline. Many adults claim to have had trauma based on parent discipline.

If you have ever or ever intend to be a parent, you would understand how difficult it is to keep a family together especially in a poor financial state.

I would recommend that you do not consider this event to be traumatic but rather a life lesson, which you can reflect on.

Perhaps you have questions about it that you need to find answers to. I recommend that you explore the reasons behind your trauma to understand human behavior more deeply. You may find that the world is perfectly interconnected and you will see how you fit in it.

I recommend to avoid passing on the traumatic experience, but to treat each person according to their own display of how they want to interact with you.

Typically childhood trauma gives us an idea of how the world is, which may be inaccurate. Know that each person has had different experiences, and when interacting with each person, you can only take at face value the information that they display to you.

Have a nice day.

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