Mar 2020
Too comfortable doing nothing. Had fun with Twitter till I got scared that I was messing with people too hard. Decided I don't want to affect anything. Feel very comfortable sitting around and smoking and drinking coffee. Staying up long hours sleeping very little. Enjoy my low steady energy. Refreshing from running around all the time. My dad is even slower than me he comes across as retarded. Really frustrated me. Turning out to be exactly like my dad. It's ok. I dont mind being dumb. I. Fact I wanted to be dumb because I had such a burst of hyper thinking for so long. Decided being dumb is financially stable. Do dumb things for dumb money. That seem to be the only way. On Twitter the grandeous things were too exciting I got addicted to them and I was just way to global and grandeous. Once a dumb article about wildlife showed up on Twitter and I realized dumb is way more financially stable and gets me in less trouble. I guess nothing's wrong right now.

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