Dr Jeykle and Mr Hyde.

May 2011
Marble, N.C.
I now understand my Dr Jeckel and Mr Hyde. My emotions (which I never understood controlled me). I lived for the (pity pat) negative way. I will always be graeteful to my wife and this forum for helping me realizing why I was the way I was. I wish I could help others reach the same enlightenment I have but do not have the credentials and my age is against me. I love the knowledge this forum has given but it's a shame I cannot share it again because of my age.

I see a lot of my friends who are experiencing the same problems I had. Understanding is great but how does one (persuade) another their problems are their creation? You see and understand their problem because you've been there now they have to see and understand they are their own worst enemy. Thoughts please. pljames
Feb 2011
pljames: Here's my thoughts on this topic; I use "Falling In Love" as my model. I'm interested in 'Meta-Level' and Falling In Love is a example.
I'll use my own experience. My wife and I fell in love at first sight, in fact across the room before introduced and speaking. So what is 'transcendant' about it? What we experienced was above habits, religion, politics, that is they were irrelevant and did not 'play a part' in our higher order experience.
That is replicated when we 'shift' to higher level introspectively; imagine your conditioning not being in charge as usual, in fact irrevelant to your happiness while in that higher state. Just being with your beloved and all miner things almost fade into background. Can you imagine there IS such a state where your 'problems' are not as overwhelming as they 'appear' to be at your current level? I'll bet most people don 't believe that's possible, yet it occurs to 'lovers'. Can you imagine being happy without having "to solve all your problems first"?
I hope this example 'proves' meta-level occurs, and is possible, not just a 'ideal'.
When experiencing 'panic attacks' one is at the lowest end of the 'spectrum', in the throes of conditioning, habits, beliefs; we 'slide' along that 'scale' (or up and down) daily. The best most people can do is try to stay close to the middle (from bottom up); only occasionally moving higher, serendipitously.

pljames;" I wish I could help others to reach the same enlightenment I have but do not have the credentials and my age is against me."
Young people with credentials do not 'deliever' the enlighenment you speak of. They do remedial work. Your here, where you can describe/explain your experience. Granted not all will even understand what your talking about, but the 'few' will 'love' it.