Doing something

Mar 2020
Everything that is ever done is a fight. There is competition to make our products valuable. A child who draws a picture does not get a pat on the back from his teacher unless it is a skilled picture. Then the child feels good because he's done something the other kids haven't.

A college does not accept a student out of highschool unless he is in the top 95th percentile. If he is not in the top 95th percentile he does not go to a university but a community college and deals with sarcastic crass teachers and malicious classmates.

Applying for your first job might be easy. You might find a blanket employment job that is easy or dumb work that pretty much hired everyone, but in the training there is a test and you have to at least have highschool ability to complete a test.

In your job there is social competition. You must be socially skilled enough to remain invisible to your coworkers and employers whole cranking out production and staying on topic. There are a million things that can get your coworkers to hang up on you, from personality to looks.

After being fired from your first 3 jobs, you will never be a productive member of society again. You will go homeless, and have to sell drugs to make a living.

When you get caught breaking the law for the first time and spend your first jail sentence, you will get brain damage if not raped from being in a jail cell. Now not only do you have a bad reputation, but your are clinically retarded.

You join a gang of people who have lost their minds. Your criminal activity and sentences compound.

You commit suicide.

So everything is a fight. And yet fighting is criminal and makes enemies. Are you going to fight for the kid who drew a picture, or the gangster who failed too hard to recover?

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