Does the HSP only trigger psychopaths or do others do that too?

Jul 2021
I was watching the Columbo series, and he would play dumm a lot with them, which is what I used to do too, but I saw some psychopaths were so paranoid that they would think I was playing dumm with them even when I had no clue what they were talking about, but it's interesting surely, lol, as it's very anatomical the way you save yourself from the psychopath is anatomical as under substances anything you say is not perceived by it since its brain isn't working in that very moment, so you have to respond physically than with speech, but manipulation works after the detachment from the prey, which is successive to the psychopath's offence, of assault or whatever. So yes, you rely on neurology to induce detachment from the psychopath and afterwards you can use psychology, but I wouldn't know if psychological manipulation works up until then, I'd say it does to some extent, but yes, it is the State that should deal with them not much the HSP citizens, all we can do is report them to the actual authority. Psychopaths always demand respect, but never offer it. They dish it out but can't take it, even if they deserve to take it, it's an oxymoron.
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Nov 2021
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You state such unfounded nonsense and hypergeneralizations with such authority. Its almost like you're retarded or something, weird.