Does every single person go through a mental health disorder at some point in their life ?

Dec 2021
Some of the statistics only report what has been recorded by institutions but considering a more holistic picture, would there be a single person that exists in the worlds population that has not gone through any mental health disorder in their entire life ?
Aug 2021
Austin, TX
There is a difference between a health disorder and a health glitch. A health disorder is generally considered as chronic, while glitches occur as short term occurrences. An example would be short term depression such as the down feeling at the end of vacation when you really never want the vacation to end, vs. the depression you experienced the whole vacation, knowing it would end and not being able to enjoy the vacation because you knew you would be depressed when it ends. On is a short term feeling, the other is a chronic situation which affects your overall ability to enjoy life as a whole. At any given time we may all be susceptible to fits of anger, depression, anxiety, and so forth, but usually recover in a day or two. When these things become chronic and negatively effect our daily lives we are considered to have a mental disorder. Like a headache which may keep you down for a day compared to a headache which kept you from enjoying life at large. Hope this helps answer your question, it is really a short term vs long term chronic issue...
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