Do you think that nationalism prevents people from growing

Jul 2021
Example, when you are dealing with someone from a different country, they only say "our own is better based on their nationalism" even when someone is saying something blatantly wrong, and some people are arrogant and view themselves that way, but what is the point? Then why would you want to grow? Either you are a nationalist or you want to grow, it's impossible that the two would co-exist. I mean nationalism is stupid. They are wrong, and toxic, being better means you must recognise when you are wrong and when others are more competent too, but it seems some people want to achieve success dishonestly and by force, simply based on labels such as their nationalism. Those same people prevent you from getting a job and they did as they were dumb and competitive. I wouldn't be proud to be that small-minded. They only see themselves as "experts", other experts don't count. I just can't share that view. But I think it is problematic as it has to take so many applications because unfortunately the majority believes them and sees that as some form of power. There is no need for power.
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Nov 2021
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All Hitler would have needed to tell you is that Jews are psychopaths and you would have been volunteering for the holocaust.
Aug 2021
Austin, TX
Probably no more so than saying that taking care of your own family before taking care of a neighbor's family prevents growth. It could also be related to things like local sports teams vs. other teams. We all like to cheer for our team. This occurs in local sports matches all the way to the Olympics. We all like to cheer for our "home team". Like everything else, there are altruistic people, and there are self centered people. This occurs locally, nationally, and globally. Many things may inhibit growth, but I do not see any evidence that nationalism is one of them...