Do psychopaths have a propensity to "pick" on highly sensitives, and why if we are dangerous for them they still do this?

Jul 2021
If psychology states that it's not going to end well for the psychopath, then why they still pick on the highly sensitive? I think it is pretty clear that I don't like psychopaths, but still they pick on you as if you like them. We don't, they are clearly misinterpreting. And they really do seem to think they are smart, because they write something extremely stupid with a lot of confidence, I would never dare writing something that stupid and unfortunately some people like them, but I really don't get it... I really don't know why would anyone confidently misinform defame and harass people in general, particularly strangers, and I understand psychopathy is a condition, but it has nothing to do with me. Why psychiatrists are not diagnosing these people and hence they are online offline everywhere now. I also don't get why people would leave their families for psychopaths and why so many buy into their victim sob stories, etc.
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