Diving in

Dec 2012
Hey there - I'm just going into the last year of a psych degree with the OU. I planned to finish it before my 50th but a year or so's illness put paid to that - but no biggy, only another year to go ;D and I'll still be 50 in October when its done.

I'm single, no children, I have a cat and feed a couple of strays, drive a knackered Micra, eat a Paleo diet, swim a mile three times a week and love science (yep-all of it), oh yes and female (I guess my user name doesnt give it away)........make of that what you will....... ;D. I gained an interest of psych through living in Israel and finally got round to a degree after years of telling myself I wasnt smart enough. Turns out I'm quite good.....who'd have thought! :eek:

My philosophy is simple.....I think we are incredibly privileged to be able to experience this world and universe in the way we do-no other species gets the opportunity to marvel at its complexities and intricacies as we can; la vie est belle!

I hope to make some new friends on here and learn new things and have interesting debates-can I pull up a chair and join you?


May 2008
hi there

welcome. nice to hear your story and your goals. make yourself at home, get stuck in, enjoy.