Mar 2020
By letting go of several things that used to matter to me and imagining life without 5 things that I finally chose to matter, I was able to make lists really fast to organize my life.

I believe that too many things that matter causes extreme disorganization because you're basically bouncing from stimuli to stimuli and your brain can't possibly keep track of what's going on.

This distracts from the ability to make money.

I was playing complex computer games since I was a child, where I practiced this sort of brain activity, and I realize that the best points in my life were when I had only 5 or less things to worry about at all.

Complexity is chaos, it can be fun, but it's a fast road to ruin. I believe that simplicity leads to a longer life.

Pick 5 things. Write them down. Discard everything else, and sleep well at night. Being assured that you are simply one person.

I imagine that raising children or having any sort of relationship pours the complexity back on and makes life exciting again.

My biggest fear was looking back on my life and being ashamed of how small it had been, but I assure you, after living a complex life for the last 4 years, it has been much worse.

Maybe throughout your life you'd like to go back and forth, just know if everyone gets really complex, we all go up in flames, cheering.

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Aug 2020

I see that your former lifestyle complements mine, I played games from the very youthful age and I still do, I don't know about you.

What criteria do you use to pick the 5 things that you selected and do you mind sharing the top 10 things that really matter in life?

Sep 2020
Interesting insight.
I feel the same as well with organization. I have many ideas and a creative spirit. At work, I can be very enthustiastic to do many things. But with time, the main criteria is this :
1. Time
2. Effort
3. Value

I usually use this equation : Time + Effort < Value.
Now how do I identify the "Value" of the value, is by evaluating the outcomes of this question, will it provides me comfort, significant improvements ? If it has an impact on others, I would also ask feedback : "Do you think it will be helpful if I do this X action, if yes, why & how ?".

Hope this helps,
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