Describing House M.D. personality...

Sep 2010
I think most of people here have seen the show. It is quite popular and heavily psychological. I wanted to discuss about his personality, what is he like, what is wrong with him or good with him. I have made an opinion myself of course, and I will state it below. Please post your analyze of House's personality before reading mine, so it won't affect your judgment.
He is very melancholic and possibly phlegmatic person. He is always miserable and 'not in the mood'. He rather deflect everything others pin on him instead of defending himself or taking it seriously. That makes him to seem an uncaring person, which he is in fact. He doesn't care about almost anybody until he fails to help them, because then his intelligence fails and that is the only thing he's got. If he fails to use his intelligence, he can even kill himself if he was suicidal, judging from the parts where he hallucinated them and even been delusional, which is even worse, because you can't control them. So in simple sentence - failed attempt of use of his intelligence leaves him with nothing.
He manipulates people, lies, lies even to his girlfriend and family, doesn't respect anybody at all, and admires only a few big people.
He always gets what he wants even if it costs his relationship with somebody or jail for him. He can go to jail for somebody he doesn't know only because he wanted to do 'the right thing'. He also believes in his only truth, because he thinks that other people are stupid.
He can not show his feelings under any circumstances and he can get out of any situation. He believes in technicalities and always is rational.
To find out the truth about something, he can do anything to himself. Even kill himself. You can see that from a few of his attempts to discover something that almost killed him.
He loves puzzles. As his best friend Wilson said - he's got a 'Rubic's' disorder. He needs to solve the puzzle.
He's got only one friend. He tells to him everything. Even his plans to manipulate people, kill somebody. He also knows that Wilson will probably rat him out. And about those things he doesn't rat him out - he still tells him everything. (to this fact there is a question: why does House tells Wilson everything, even though he knows, that he can and probably will tell others about his evil plan? I doubt he wants others to know, judging from his reaction, maybe he just has to have a friend and talk?)

I know I missed a lot, but it's good enough for me. Please share your personality analysation of House. :)