Depression and racial harassment any connections? And could you get a relapse as a result

Jul 2021
So I was recently harassed by someone, from my own country stating that my grammar is bad, because he thought I am not from the country, and it just doesn't help. I have become quite numb by the allegations even if yesterday the stress had reached extremely high levels. He even threatened me in the past. I am tired of these behaviours, but trying to solve them differently, it's also impacting my self-esteem which might explain the relapse and I did find myself not being able to speak well as a result. I understand the incompetence, and that it isn't my fault, however, it's been ongoing now for over a year, and thus it may have impacted my self-esteem negatively, as otherwise why I feel this way. I just feel physically weak on a daily basis. If you had therapy for CBT and you had completely healed, could that change? I think the depression is mainly the disappointment in the people who behave in such a manner, and I am sure if I didn't have to deal with them, it wouldn't be this way. So would it make sense to cut off these people and their excessive negativity and put downs? If it's not racial harassment it is gender related, so I am a bit fed up with these behaviours. They are just stupid. It may be a couple of people acting badly, but still it is a lot to deal with, because it's still sad that someone would act so badly. I don't even like talking with those people, I just do it to collect evidence so you don't get gaslighted it didn't happen. The disappointment is in the inability to be professional and the suggestibility, even if someone told you to act wrong, you can say no thanks. I would if I were in their place. I am grateful for those who were professional but not so thankful, for those who aren't. Basically it stems from these allegations where the Irish mob claimed my English grammar was bad, in fact it was a projection, but the fact that someone who should act like a professional and an adult doesn't do it, and repeats you the same stuff like a parrot is a bit disappointing.
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