May 2011
Marble, N.C.
In my quest to master psychology I thought I wanted to help others find themselves. I don't. I have been a emotional wreck all my life until last year (or before) I discovered the truth about my emotions. Even when I was going to therapy (which I didn't want) I was my own worst enemy.

This forum has shown me what psychology is all about. Finding yourself psychologically. But I have discovered I do not have the ability to help others as a therapist. I have the understanding but not the mental ability to help others. I can give advice from my own experiences but that's it. I envy those who can help others without there feelings/emotions getting involved.

I will always be a observer and never a doer. pljames


May 2008
often the best help you can give to people is just being with them. not giving advice, not telling them what to do or how to do things, not showing them thing they havent noticed or privding insights but just being with them.

time after time research into the effectiveness of therapy suggests that it is the relationship between the therapist and client that is most beneficial to the client and most appreciated by the client.