Could this be a sign of OCD?

May 2020
I've been doing this ever since I can remember. Sometimes I do something completely trivial without really thinking about it and suddenly get the feeling that something is uneven and I have to repeat the thing I did in a different way to even it out. I explained this very poorly so I'll give an example, just now i noticed a dog hair on my laptop screen and wiped it away with my finger and suddenly I felt like something wasn't right and since I'd touched the right side of the screen i now had to touch the left side at the exact same place to make it even, but then it felt uneven the other way around and I ended up touching my screen for 5 minutes trying to make it even. I know that a big part of OCD is the fact that you get intrusive thoughts and all of that and I don't get that which is why I don't really think this is OCD but the truth is it is a very obsessive behaviour and when it happens I fixate on the feeling of discomfort of things being uneven, so much so that I lose track of time and stuff around me trying to make the feeling go away. And after I manage to move on from the things I was fixating on I'm now so riled up that it keeps happening with everything I do. Even typing this now I'm feeling very uncomfortable because I feel like everytime I touch a key on my keyboard it's not even and feels wrong. Does anybody know if this is a form of OCD or something similar?