Correlation between sexual interests and personality traits

Aug 2020
Montana USA
I am interested on any correlations that exist between specific personality traits and sexual interests.
I am wondering if anyone has a link (or if you're knowledgeable can just write directly in the forum) about any correlations that have been found between the two. For example, people with X personality traits usually also have sexual interests in Y.
Mar 2020
All I can really say is that sex as penetration or even lesbian, in order to initiate it, is either dominance or submission. If someone is neither dominant nor submissive they dont want sex. It's like magnets. That's what all eros is. The magneticism is what gets people off. And it contradicts with brain activity as the blood pressure can only be at one end of your body.

The larger the sexual blood pressure, the dumber the brain gets, and it's considered "destruction" which also gets people off because the magnetism is stronger.

People with less sexual blood pressure are capable of more potent thoughts.

A person can spend parts of their life with extreme sexual or brainy pressure, but is very difficult to go back and forth between them because of repulsion. It is a sacrifice to be either extreme.

This duality is the cause of all conflicts.

Braniacs in a brainy part of their life can take hours to get aroused and it's usually not that significant of an arousal magnetism, but they're likely to make tons of money or produce immense nonsexual value because of their genius to manipulate the environment.

Sexual dominants tend to walk around "balls out" in an erected state of mind always trying to "get some" with their every thought. If engaged in a conversation they'll challenge your masculinity or hit on you as hard as they can.

Sexual submissives, I don't know much about but I think they feel value from being liked. They are "destroyed." They think it's a compliment to be pressured, they really can't make decisions for themselves and they judge themselves based on the power of their dominant.

This is how I understand it.

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