Corporate lawyer stalker harassing my sibling

Jul 2021
I am very tired of that too, as he keeps receiving false fines. I decided today to go to the police and report this stalker, as he also hacked my phone. I am a programmer too, so for me it's easy to tell when I get hacked. I think it's pretty stupid that they hack a programmer, but it seems most criminals nowadays are old. I believe there is a connection with the organised criminal supervisor, as I filed a report the other day for hacking, and this is what happens to me. Why else would someone do that. He probably gets paid for it. Thankfully I have lots of witnesses who see everything, but imagine how in disbelief I still am as are most people. It's unbelievable that they target people like that. It seems Europe is a bit unsafe, even if they all go about how other countries are unsafe and how they protect you from cybercrime. Well, they don't.