Sep 2020
Sorry if I’m in the wrong place but I’m after advice. A couple of days back my partner woke from a short sleep and was talking to me, after a short while it became clear that she thought I was someone else and she began discussing me like I was this other person. At the time she acted as though she was fully awake and talked coherently in full sentences and even went into detail about a conversation that he had the day before with myself. Towards the end of the conversation after several minutes she became annoyed at me over a comment I made and kept referring back to it asking what I had meant. Once I explained she became angry and shouted at me to leave. I left the room re-entertaining moments later To find her still sitting upright shouting at me to leave. I left again this time for several minutes and went back in, she looked somewhat confused, asking if she was ok she replied that she’d just had a bad dream.
I’ve found this all very worrying, I’ve heard people talk in their sleep but this was much much more. Should I get medical advice ?
The whole episode lasted for about 4-5 minutes