Car accident - optical illusion

Jan 2015
I got into a car accident that was the result of an optical illusion. Basically, I T-boned a limo that was sideways across the road on a dark country road. The lights on the limo and the way that it was parked made it appear that my lane was empty and that there was an oncoming car in the other lane.

That is not the problem though. The problem is he moved perpendicular to my direction (slowly) and I did not detect it even though I was staring right at him.
What I remember was going around a curve shortly before the accident when in fact the road was completely straight. Until I saw the debris the next day I could have sworn the accident was past the small curve that lay up ahead instead of before it.

In retrospect what had happened was my brain had only two logical choices when it saw the entire horizon move. Either the earth shifted or the car turned. It told me the car turned...though I got really confused at that point because the turn did not "feel right" and I though, correctly that the turn should have been farther along.

To illustrate, look at the two in this series 1 2 3 . How if you don't move your eyes and the 3 comes into view, either your monitor has shifted sideways or you have turned in relation to the monitor.

My problem is that it is almost impossible to explain this to someone (and I soon may have to explain it to a judge). Does anyone know of any good resources that document this effect ? Make it sound plausible ?