Mar 2020
This is something I learned from my therapist. She's estute in physiological psychology.

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Feb 2021
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Apr 2021
Stockholm, Sweden
Neuropsychologist Mark Solms says that the central parts of the emotion-generating systems of the brain are identical to those that generate consciousness. He equates emotion/feeling with consciousness. We cannot have one without the other.
Jul 2021
There is a lot more to this than what the standard learner of psychology knows, after all, humans are multidimensional beings.

The mind, a byproduct of brain activity, is not bound by the physical boundaries of the brain, nor an object to point to and say 'look, there it is'.

Intuition is a form of knowledge that appears in consciousness without the need for reasoning, nor understanding. It is often referred to as a 'knowing' which always reveals a truth; a truth which is obvious and cannot in itself be compromised _ hence, unconditional. However, this 'knowing' often comes to consciousness when the person is at that moment unconditional regardless of how subtle or brief that may be. People of serenity experience intuition more readily.

For those who believe that though they have a body, are not the body, but a spirit. Also believe that the 'mind' is the bridge between body and spirit/soul. Hence Body-Mind-Soul. For them, there is a difference between body-mind (knowledge) and soul-mind (knowing). Intuition then comes from being open to the soul-mind.