Brain mind body.

May 2011
Marble, N.C.
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Did you ever hear the wind howling or moaning? Think what that would have meant to primitive man.

(no I do not know what that meant to primitive man, he never wrote it down)

He could reproduce the same sound, there was a connection, but when the wind did it it moved the very trees. And so the wind was greater than man. And he called it God.

(Did primitive man understand the word "GOD" in the first place)?

Did you ever watch the sun set? "Primitive" minds must have been very enamored with the sun and the sunset.

Biological progression is not the only form of evolution going on. Consciousness rises too.
(What is the rise of consciousness)? pl
Apr 2011
very interesting discussion !!! what science has discoverd yet, the stastics and lows !!! that keep changing time to time and for what science doesnt have answer for, cant be hold as false !!! you can say, it yet to be discover !!

but yes it confuse me too --

"the soul is the visible part of the body and the spirit is the invisible part of the soul. "