Boyfriend Sexual intimacy fear


Sep 2020
I started dated my boyfriend almost 8 months ago. I initiated the date and the relationship because i had a feeling he likes me.
Antways, i noticed he does not do a move to kiss me after a month i kissed him myself. Time goes and i see he wont initiate kisses and when we “kiss” he just wont kiss as it supposed to be.
Like kissing a child and never with a tongue and long.
Appertaining he is a virgin and i thought he was just shy.
I decided to take it one step further and let him touch me, to make out. He touched my breast and then took his hand and said he didnt want to.
I tried several times to make him “make out” but it seems like he is frightened. I asked him, what is the problem? Why wont he initiate kisses? Or initiate makeouts? Apperterntly he doesnt want to. Now he proposed me and said he is attracted to me but when he needs to go on intimacy levels his brains take control over his passion and he just doesn’t seem to want to proceed.
I asked him “do you have the desire to touch women intimate parts? He said no.
He does masturbate and watch porn but he has absolutely no desire in touching.
I asked if he was gay? He said no
I asked if he had something abusive in childhood he said no.
Now, this problem makes me want him less and less. My attraction to him wasnt high at first place i just thought we can give it a try but now it is even lower.
I made him go to a therapy
Any suggestions? What can it be?
Mar 2020
He's got what you call a "misguided" old fashioned sense that sex is for babies.

He'd fuck you like an animal if he were to let lose on you even a little bit.

He's got demons from the porn and he's trying to spare you the horror of what it would be like for him to really get you.

He can't stand himself because he's a beast and he knows that you were attracted to the good boy he put off.

If he were to go polar beast in front of you. You would accuse him of rape and he would go to prison where he would fuck inmates.

He might be a warewolf.

If you dont want this guy ripping you apart and if you're not willing to have 10 kids with him. Let him find a real woman.

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Oct 2020
New York
Extremely complicated. Is he religiously conservative or does he follow any cult practice(even a Ben Shapiro who was proud of being a virgin until marriage)? I would take just a line from the above comment that he could have the conception that sexual intercourse is post-marriage stuff or for procreation. Also, does he lie to you? There are chances that he may not watch porn or masturbate much and he could have lied to you. Maybe he's a person not really interested in women. There are a lot of factors though. Also, how good was the therapy, did you get to understand the situation better? There are too many complications here. So think about it, if there is no mental and physical desire for a partner, I wouldn't personally invest my time and thought to the relationship.