Behavioral Politics

Mar 2020
I think all politics is a dichotomy between reproducers and non reproducers.

Anxiety for me at least stems directly from the desire to reproduce and protect a family. It is an ego trip, and ego trips seem to be the root cause of anxiety. Reproduction as well as ego basically means that you have a very high self interest, and are required to compete with everyone, in order to sustain your necessities.

Non reproduction on the other hand is disorganized. It is impossible to have control over your life if you engage in non-reproductive behaviors. On the other hand it forces equality and destroys competition. Even the slightest hint that you are competing with others to build a family destroys your ability to fellowship in a non reproductive way. Non reproduction is the long sought after peace, but also the destruction of the economy through lack of self interest and competition.

It is very difficult to switch between them once someone has spent their whole lives focusing on one. A pure at either has the greatest advantage, but suffers terrible torment at the hands of the other, causing political turmoil.

Do you agree with me?
What would you say about anxiety and reproduction?

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