Be Irresistible

Sep 2021
Santa Cruz
Hi There I've Been doing everything I can to have a successful love life. So I have been on the hunt to be more desirable and have stronger relationships. This website has helped me so much!
There’s a relationship “secret ingredient” that a man craves in order to feel intense, committed love. Without it, he will always keep one foot out the door.

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Jul 2021
I don't think all men are narcissistic-codependent, but it's possible based on that one video. I mean hero-complex is the codependency-narcissism trap, and that is like saying you can control-manipulate other people and they don't have any free will. I think that same instinct is exactly what's going to lead you to end up with the worst woman on earth, as psychopaths are great at playing victim and it works. The nicest people avoid that stuff as it's drama to them, example we sensitives, hate lack of depth and unjust-systematic rules. We love justice and honestly watching a psychopathic homewrecker creating a scenario of domestic violence for a family and turning the guy into a sociopath and forcing minors and women into prostitution isn't what I consider to be true love and romantic, it looks more as you said like an obsession, and it is a really depressing way to look at the world. :) Just for thinking that, I'd rebel, let alone if someone acted on it. Morality is much more important than codependent love, which is often toxic too. Why would do you even want that kind of "love" which isn't really love anyway?
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