Are these symptoms of some disorder?


Oct 2012
I am not searching for diagnosis, just interested in whether I should go to a therapist or not.
I am 20 years old university student and the reason why I am writing here is because I want to know is there something wrong with me or is it just low skills/experience etc.

What I am gonna do is put a list here of some things and I am interested can these be symptoms of some disorder?

1) Low coordination, balance, motor skills - Not something extreme although much lower skills and talent then on average.

2) Low sense of 3D - hard to explain exactly. Really hard to imagine and consider how things act in a 3D environment. For example - it is really hard to carry bigger, objects, like furniture from one room to another as it is hard to take into account how should I turn them etc so they would not hit something else or fit in the door. Also while driving a car, the sense of how the car is in the road is weak. When I am walking I tend to hit posts or walls sometimes with my shoulder. I get by that although I do not and brush, hit it with my shoulder as I am bigger than I imagined

3) Inability to learn skills just by watching or remember movements - For example someone shows some dance movements and I should copy these. Even when this is really easy 5 second thing, I am not able to copy it. I may remember how it was, but making the same thing with my own body does not work out same way. For example: my friend tried to teach my how to snap fingers. He showed it like 50 times, I could not do the same thing. At last, how I learned it was just by him putting my fingers like they should be and I just snap them. After that I know how to do it. Or when learning the technique of some gym exercise then I can not learn it by watching. Somebody has to show me once or twice and then personally teach it again as I am doing it improperly.

4) Low empathy - I am honest, I like to talk with people. I can talk a lot, but I can not read the other person from body language, I can not tell whether he/she is bored or not. Overally I have really hard time connecting with people. Also chit-chatting/ just BS for fun is really hard for me. I know a lot of people, although have only a few friends. Other people are just people I know.

5) Clumsiness - similar to first one. My body language seems as if I was not in control of it. Really lazyish, clumsy movements. Hard to walk in a straight line.

6) Low attention span/ overall attention to details - I rarely notice the details of things. I do not notice if there is something different in the room after I left, let us say something is in different position etc. In streets I tend to step into puddles, just do not notice. Clomp into different stones, trash on the way. Really hard to focus in lectures as these are so long. I hate listening for a long time, being in a passive role like that. I just get bored. Or reading boring textbooks, really hard to focus. Although I am really smart, I have trouble with attendance records. I can learn university subjects at home with a day or two, on my own and pass the exams without ever attending a lesson.

7) Troubles with accepting authority Never had trouble with police or something like that. Although it is really hard for me to obey if the person in authority does not deserve it. Let us say if the lecturer has some stupid rules it is really hard for me to follow these. Or listening to the boss, when he is really arrogant, negative. I just can not stand it. Same if with lectures. I can not just accept that I have to go there. I am bored there, just waiting for the end, without really learning something new. The lecturer must be a good one, if he can not hold my attention there is no point in going to the lecture just for getting it ticked off... Round here everybody has to go to military. I am honest I do not want to go. I do not support the overall idea + there are so much stupid rules, which make no sense. I hate when I have to do something ineffectively without a real point. I question a lot of stuff, and really accepting I can not control it is really hard, it just makes me feel bad.

These are the main points I can tell. There are some more although the post is getting long enough and if you have any questions then you can just ask here in this thread.

It is so hard for me with everybody especially relatives/parents as the they accuse me of these things and for them the only reason is " you are lazy and do not want to anything, you do not even try" They take as I do not even want to do stuff correctly, I am too lazy to watch around and notice stuff. For them it is granted and when somebody does not have the skills, then it is their laziness. I have really tried to develop these skills, but it does not happen that easily. What comes to others as common sense like snapping fingers or noticing stuff, normal, comes with me with hard work if ever and I am already tired of this...

Can all these points refer to some disorder? Or are these perfectly normal and I am just creating problems out of nothing really worth worrying about?
Mar 2020
So no opinions?
This post is very old so let me know if you’re still watching please. I’m definitely not a doctor but I do a lot of reading, mainly about psychology and I have an idea you can at least consider and maybe look into..

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Mar 2020
May I suggest something. You appear to be very confident. Perhaps too confident for your own good. No therapist will tell you to actually adopt anxiety. But anxiety exists for a reason, and that is to be aware of the environment and your surroundings. Anxiety hightens the senses and will fix your visual and balance problem. A lack of anxiety is often misconscieved as laziness. You can see a therapist and perhaps they will tell you the psychiatrically accepted answer for this. I call it a lack of anxiety. They might call it disorganization. A lot of people are suffering from this lately because there has been such a crusade against anxiety. This is what you get when the world crusades against anxiety. A whole bunch of disorganized laziness.

Sorry no one responded. I hope you get this message if you didn't delete your account.

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