Anyone with a job in Asia or Northern Europe I'd be interested :)

Jul 2021
I had bad luck in the UK and Italy as they are a bit racist, and abusive, therefore looking elsewhere, and I did get an offer from the US, but not sure about it, because I had problems for the VISA since the consul was Northern Irish-English, and having been a victim of organised crime there, he began blackmailing me with money, and I just don't have time for that, I did lose money too, but I am used to theft from British-Northern Irish as they are all organised criminals, I am not sure how Americans are in terms of justice etc., but I read Obama was racist against certain nationalities and created these racist laws, which doesn't help, so looking elsewhere where there is not going to be any racism. I was also harassed in my own country, what country would you say harasses you the least? :) The researchers did help me in the US, but I mean, it's really difficult because having been a victim of organised crime, it gets difficult. It's sad that a lot of politicians are racist and they make life difficult for scientists. I did have plan B in case, but it's sad I lost so much money and time for something that wasn't even plausible. It's interesting because organised criminals get a job, and honest people don't.
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