Anxiety for Objects

Nov 2020
Seoul, Korea
Hello all,

I am posting here as I have noticed an unhealthy form of thinking/behavior that regards anxiety for objects, particularly action figures. I tend to always find some sort of flaw (most times insignificant) and dwell on it. Eventually, I move on to another flaw that triggers my anxieties. Basically, if I am not worried about one thing, I am worried about another. It almost always happens when I get something new or am excited about something. I do not know what this is as I can't seem to find info on it online. I would like to be able to combat this form of unhealthy thinking if I can. Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated!
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Aug 2021
Austin, TX
Agreed, it sounds like obsessive compulsive behavior which may induce anxiety. Sometimes when these things get going in our heads it is like a recording repeating itself in our mind. Take some deep breaths, find something else to think about, or something else to focus on. Try getting up and walking around the block, notice the world around you, reading a book, anything to get your mind to reset itself so it does not obsess on minute things which do not have any impact on your life at all. There are many self help books out there for this type of behavior as well, your public library could be a great resource.
Best of luck to you,