Another question about the mind.

May 2011
Marble, N.C.
Is it possible to interpret the brain as a tree. It has roots a trunk and limbs. The roots being the different parts of the brain, the trunk being the whole body of the brain and the roots the electrical impulses.

Could the nervous system be part of the body that sends neurons to the brain from all over the body, even the cells? Could it be thought that the body sends understandable neurons from the cells to the nervious system too the brain which interprets the neurons and send them to the mind? Therefore the brain is a input process output object?

But so is the mind. The brain is internal and the mind both input and outputt? Paul
Mar 2020
I do not seprate the brain from the mind. I'm confident that they're the same thing.

I don't usually think of electrical activity of the brain, I just know that it's there. Technically the neurons don't move and the neurons are the things that store ideas and thought. The electricity would be the moving entity which stimulates the neurons in certain patterns which you control by what you input. You make a decision based on the existing pathways in your brain and then output.

The different parts of your brain control thought patters or personalities in my speculations. The entire brain is never completed by anyone in my speculation or we would technically have a human God. I deliberately try to upset myself and incomplete myself in order to limit my potential, because that is the only thing that motivates me towards longterm goal and ego, without which, I would have no control over my life.

I've heard it preached that according to Godly doctrines we should not try to pursue any goals at all. That goes against my grain, though I'm sure it's a relevant idea. Perhaps one day I'll accept this, but it would destroy the ability to maintain a family, a job, raise children, own a house, etc. That's why people become monks or psychopaths as far as I can tell.

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