An experimental millenial that has everything to be happy, yet questioning existence.

Sep 2020
Hello all,

I took the step to come here and post about my personal experience.
I'm a 27 years old man from Paris.
For the past 10 years, I have been studying and building my professional career.
I noticed a pattern in my life where I have cyclical interest in certain topics. For example, I would pick up a book about veganism, and I would go vegan for 6 months, right after I would watch a video about waking up at 5 AM, and I'll do that for 3 months, I would watch a UFC game and I would train martial arts for several months.
This applies also to ideas, political & religious beliefs and so on.
All of this, gives me experience and extensive knowledge about many things, yet, sometimes I ask this question : Who am I ?
I feel like my identity is always "moving", "shaped" my temporary excitement of learning something new. When I look around me, it seems that people have "steady" lives where they are completly okay with their current situation.
Why am I always curious about new things until I become obsessed by them and then move to something else ?
If anyone feels the same, please feel free to share.

Have a nice day!
Mar 2020
The main objective is to have some organization about your interests and curiosities. Try to limit them to a manageable menu of interests that you will never stray from. This will help you as you get older to not waste time trying to grasp everything and possibly ending up suicidal and destitute.

Specialization is the main thing that earns someone money. At age 27 you have no time to waste to specialize.

At age 32 I have wasted too much time for my liking. It was my dad who stepped in and told me to do programming and nothing but. I'm very happy for his guidance.

If all else fails you may need one significant person in your life who will tell you what to focus on and you will do it for him/her until their out of your life.

I like to make decisions based on the person it benefits. If you wander too far you will lose the ability to make decisions.

Decisions are biases. If you knew everything, how could you possibly chose one thing over another?

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