a prime example of bad psychology

Oct 2020
i moved around for dozens of times since when i was little, so i couldn't keep my friends and eventually lost contact with all of them

but all the social workers and psychologists back in 2004 instead blamed and shamed me for having no friends,

even bragging that they were able to keep their fiends throughout the years just fine

so when i asked them if they had moved a dozen times, they responded that they had moved a few times before in the same neighborhood and province, and were genuinely perplexed about what leaving canada and moving to a different country has to do with losing friends in the long term.

so did psychology studies back in 2004, actually documented that kids would lose their social connections whey move around alot?

also because i had moved around alot, i had to quit school and relocate to a new one near my new home.

but all the social workers and psychologist said back in 2004 that there is never a justifiable reason for quitting school.

did psychology research from back in 2004 seriously not know that quitting school is necessary when moving to another country or place?

so back then, i asked the social worker and psychologist if i'm supposed to keep attending my old high school in canada, while living on the other side of the planet, which humiliated them, and resulted in a scathing report written by them that accused me of being "non-cooperative" and "combative".

so as per their advice, the last time i went back to canada in 2014, i didn't sign out of my college there before i left again, and because of that, i was treated as absentee and expelled several months after my flight's departure.

but the new social workers and psychologists i'm seeing now in 2020, are blatantly calling me an "idiot" and also "stupid", whist having "low EQ", and that i was very "immature" according to them, because i listen to what everybody tells me, without thinking for myself.

i don't understand, i only did what they told me to (not sign out of school before moving to another country), but now i'm still wrong? they made me get expelled from my school due to their ignorance, but its not them who was stupid and immature, it was me, and that according to them, i was still the one who was in the wrong....how could they say such awful things?

also back when i was still a teenager in canada, child services were called in to stop my parents from leaving, albeit unsuccessfully

after i moved to a new country, i told the social workers and psychologist there about the existence of child services in canada, only to have them sneered at me, whist telling me that no such things as "child services" exists and berated me for daring to talk about psychology even though i was not a psychologist so i have no credibility. in the social worker's report, i was labelled as a "habitual liar" because of this

what the heck did i do wrong? all i did was told them about child protection service's intervention back in canada, and now i get a demeaning, humiliating title like that in my permanent record? how could they do this do me?

also i told the social worker back in 2004 that i wanted to go back to canada, but she berated me again and told me that i was wrong to make such demands to my parents, as i have no right to do so since i live in their apartment and eat their food and spend their money. ok fine, but now in 2020, the new psychologist had accused me of not knowing how to communicate with my parents, because i did not make my wish to return to canada known to them, therefore the psychologist wrote in her report that i am a poor communicator who don't know how to talk to people.

what the heck? i only did what the old 2004 social worker told me to do, which was to not nag my parents about taking me back to canada, and now the 2020 psychologist is accusing me of not knowing how to communicate with my parents, even though she herself understood perfectly that i wanted to go back to canada, and yet i'm still a poor communicator according to her? it doesn't make any sense!

also all the social workers and psychiatrist back in 2004 had told me that i had to leave canada no matter what because i must follow my parents where-ever they go no matter what, but then they also told me to move out on my own at the time, because i was already 17 years old so i shouldn't be living with my parents. so i asked them, "why not let me move out on my own back in canada then?" to which they responded "you can't live on your own, you don't know how to take care of yourselves!"

what the......they want me to leave canada with my parents, and then asked me to move out on my own in a new country, because i'm an adult? but then when i said i wanna go back to canada and live on my own, they said i wasn't ready to move out on my own.....huuuuuh? are they out of their mind?

also one last thing, alot of old social workers and psychologist from 2004 had said that it's morally wrong for teenagers to chat online with ICQ and live their social life with MYSPACE on the internet, but now......i saw my new social workers and psychologist in 2020 use their smartphones to whatsapp.....what the heck? so ICQ was evil back then, but whatsapp isn't beccause they used it nowadays? what a bunch of hypocrites!

so is this what psychology comes down to in the end? can a student of psychology shed some light on this for me?
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Mar 2020
I am not a psychology student proper, but I've studied my own recovery for over a year now and I've been a patient since 2008. I'm also one of the few people on this forum who posts responses so here it goes.

It's ok to have no friends. I isolated pretty much my whole life except for some shallow christian groups, psychology professionals, terrible coworker experiences, old non adaptive parents with anger issues, and "friends" who destroyed my life.

My biggest challenge was to completely smother my desire to be heard, except for non consequential online posting like this, disconcerted crisis line volunteers, some intellectual psych philosophy with my regular therapy team, delicately intricate and uncomfortable "discussions" with my mom, and blabbering like a retard to my dad.

My conclusion was actually that I am not alive, but some sort of witness organism with an undifinible reason for seeming to be alive, following whatever rules are put over me without my consent, ultimately until white males are all sent to gas chambers.

It sounds like your only real error was that you thought psychologists had a purpose. Most jobs are people sitting in offices trying to avoid getting targeted by a mob of their coworkers who successfully and collectively choose who gets fired as a passtime, while they sit in their offices doing exactly the same thing. The workplace is a game of social hot potato. No work actually gets done ever.

Imagine you knew how to do your job. Why would you ever think about something that you already know how to do? You just do it out of habit, you get bored, and all your effort goes into deciding who gets put on the streets.

I've been diagnosed with schitzoidentic personality disorder, bipolar I, paranoid schitzophrenic, asperger's, anxiety, schizo affective disorder, and disorganized schitzophrenia.

What this tells me is that when I see my psychologist or therapist, I must be the retard and not the authority. I must come up with everything that went wrong since our last visit and not do a good job. This does not mean that I as a person am any different, let alone even exist.

It just means I was caught being honest about a few phenomenon and told the psychology team out of reckless spite so that I would have topics to discuss with them while the government wastes money on Medicare to pay for this service, so that psych research can be done on human guinea pigs, until neuro link is injected into everyone's brain during covid, turning us all into a borg.

It seems you are ahead of your time for being online chatting before the psychologists, and the the moving around made you more mature than the psychologists, however you are the guinea pig, and you must never equate yourself with an adult, no matter your age.

Unless you enjoy effing with the system, perhaps youre better off limiting sessions, decreasing prescriptions, finding alternate ways of coping, accepting bad feelings and challenges, and acknowledging that there will never be anything else for anyone than what they already have.

Oh, and the laws of physics are an illusion, and life is a myth. That'll open some real possibilities.

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Oct 2020
thank you for sharing your life experience with me on this, it helps me a fair bit since i've only been encouraged to talk to only social workers or psychologist about my problems, which seems to have been a big mistake.

i also have made some bad friends, but i clung onto them because i didn't want my psychologist to shame me for not having any friends, that too turned out to be a mistake in the long term.

and yes i always felt like the psychologist treats me like i'm lesser than them, like i'm stupid or something, while she herself was the stupid one who failed to understand even the simplest concepts.

and you're right, in the future maybe those mental professionals will be able to understand their patients better when the matrix exists and they can share thoughts or something, but for now it would be pointless to talk to them when they refused to acknowledged they are wrong, or when they didn't know how to help people but insisted they they do.

i'm glad i was able to talked this out with someone who understands, thank you so much again for listening to me and everything, i truly appreciate it.