2 year old ripping off school friend's masks

Mar 2021
Hong Kong
Hi there,

As the title depicts, we are currently dealing with a 2 year old in our preschool class constantly ripping off his classmates surgical masks.

The little boy has no problem wearing his own mask and puts it on and takes it off for snack happily. When he does snatch his friends masks, he shows no emotion and there is often no trigger or warning as to when he will do it either.
As a result we have been dealing with a lot of face scratches, broken masks and a few traumatised kids.

We deal with the situation by discussion and showing him that he has his own mask and that he shouldn't touch his friends masks, however again the discussion is met with no reaction and he will begin to rip off another mask minutes later.

Anyone experienced something similar or has an idea to why this might be happening and how we can work to stop it?

Thanks in advance!!