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    He loves me, but in a wrong way...

    Infantile love: I love because I'm loved. Mature love: I'm loved because I love. Infantile love: I love you because I need you. Mature love: I need you because I love you. (E. Fromm The Art of loving) My situation: I love one guy. He wasn't noticing me, but I've been fighting for him for...
  2. C

    Is something wrong with me? If so, what is it?

    Hi everyone, It's been almost 10 months since my 3-4 month relationship ended. It was perfect bliss for me, I'd never been so happy before. After he broke up with me I took it really hard. The worst symptoms (chest pain, trembling badly when I saw him) have gone now but even though I haven't...
  3. M

    Can anyone try and predict what is wrong with me?

    Hey guys. I'm a male teen who has begun to question what is wrong with me. Recently, I've been having suicidal thoughts after I had one of my many long periods of self thought. Usually, I am not a very emotional person but after the period of thought I burst into tears. During the period of...
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    Confused...what is wrong with me?

    Yeah, I have a few good friends, but people don't talk to me much. It's hard for me to make new friends because people don't talk to me like they talk to other people. When I go out some where with a friend...or family member and people start talking to them, I get so mad and jealous. They don't...
  5. R

    The obsessive thoughts of wrong decisions and mistakes of past

    The obsessive thoughts of wrong decisions and mistakes of past and the negative thoughts of past are always being repeated in my mind and i have no control over them and they have been making my life worse.I really need help.Any idea or suggestions?
  6. P

    Tell me what's wrong with diagnosis?

    My wife has Lymphedema Durcums and Plantus Fibrities (heel wound). She has been like this for four weeks. She refuses to be admitted for long term care She also is a hoarder, I to am ill and her caregiver. I am convinced and persuaded she is incompetent to care for herself.If I or her fall we...
  7. K

    What is wrong with me?

    I was diagnosed with MDD - Major Depressive Disorder, I've been on anti-depressants for over a month and a half and i am still depressed from time to time, i've had this since i was a child and the doctor says it is probably genetic. I'm not sure if these medicines will work for me, as i see no...
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    Is something wrong with me?I think i need help.

    To be honest,in spite of the fact that most of the people get turned on when they see porno pics or videos,i get turned on only when i see girls or women who are taller and bigger than me.I mean seeing porno pics or videos doesn't make me get turned on but seeing girls who are taller than...
  9. P

    Is it wrong to influence friend's mental development on purpose?

    I've been wondering about a very interesting and tricky question lately, since I've met this girl. She seems to be very undecided who she wants to be, part of her is very chaotic, part of her is very calm. I value calmness. So what I've been wondering is... Is it wrong to influence the mental...
  10. A

    something's wrong

    Personalities who are convinced there is something wrong with them physicaly or/and mentally and therefore they cannot move on with their lives as people around them. it stops them from truly living. ls this a disoarder or what causes this?
  11. J

    What do you think is wrong with me? Hard time understanding abstract ideas.

    I seem to have trouble understanding abstract ideas. I'm terrible in both english and math because it's so abstract. Is there a condition or name for this? What can I do to correct this? Is there any way around it? Please I'm very desperate and in need of help. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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    whats wrong with being ordinary

    “When an ordinary man attains knowledge, he is a sage; when a sage attains understanding, he is an ordinary man. ~Zen Saying Though most try to avoid being ordinary there’s something really special about it. Not to be put on display, not to need to prove anything, not to be thought of as being...
  13. J

    What could be wrong with my brother?

    My parents are getting pretty concerned about my younger brother's behavior. To start he's 19 years old. Now the problem has been developing over the last year or so but it seems to be getting worse now. He's completely shutting himself off from everyone. After he graduated highschool he...
  14. C

    how do i find out what is wrong?

    Hi, sorry not sure where to post this. I notice in the subsections of this forums that people may not have posted for some time so i thought i should place this somewhere that you all seem to come to often. How on earth is a person supposed to trust and find out whats wrong with them with all...
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    Is the WISC III ever wrong?

    Hey there- I've been called bright for most of my life. Despite being born with spina bifida, I learned to read at age 2, and I was reading on a high school level by first grade. I remember asking about negative numbers in second grade and only getting weird looks from the teacher. My mother...
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    spanking / smacking children right or wrong?

    The un has for a long time being trying to the law in sovereign nations to prevent parents from hitting their children. The UN have been attempts to criminalize hitting children. Related articles http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=35000...
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    What is wrong with me? Do I have depression?

    Why am I so lazy? i feel depressed a lot and not motivated to really do anything? Whats wrong with me? I have thoughts running through my head constantly about terrible things that are going on in my life and i feel they will never get better such as my social life, school, my familly, how i...
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    What is wrong with me?

    I am finding recently that I am very nervous about going out. I feel really relaxed when I am at home, but if I have to leave the house, I feel really anxious until I get home again. I find that it is only at home that I feel truly relaxed. Is this normal, or am I starting to suffer from some...