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    Matained my cool during meth hallucinations.

    How can i use this to help people?
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    Interested in one thing only

    I have one very important very simple question. Have you ever treated someone, or heard through the grapevine, even one case where the voices were real. I mean using equipment or some other thing. Ever. Thanks. I know what 99.999% of you will say I think. Don’t need to hear it.
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    Schitzophrenia, context of voices

    My first question is, if a person hears voices do they automatically fit into the category of schizophrenic? Can mania cause such symptoms? And, if a person is schizophrenic or hears voices, and these voices cut them down, does this mean that the person really feels this way about themselves...
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    I hear 'voices' since I'm six (years old)'

    I remember the day my father came back from a soccer-match. 'They' carried him out of 'the field'. He was severly injured, and it was my third birthday. "Hey, father, it's my birthday, don't cry anymore!" The crying stopped. But I had a bad headache suddenly. Had he cried into me...
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    Hi, I was wondering if this was common to people. There are times when I hear very distinctly in my head a few words. I know very clearly that it is inside my head and I know exactly who said it. The person who says it is usually someone I know in real life. This happens very infrequently, and...
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    Rufus May - The Doctor that Hears Voices

    when reading this thread http://psychologyforum.us/depression/how-can-i-be-a-psychologist-when-i-am-needing-a-psychologist/ i was reminded of a documentary that was quite an inspiration for me. i did a quick google search for the psychologist from the documentary and found his webpage...