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    Is there a social unconscious?

    About 40 years ago when I was in my twenties, I read a lot of psychology books. I read one book by Erich Fromm on the "Forgotten Language" as it was called. His idea, if I remember correctly is that there is a social unconscious and with that a forgotten language through which the social...
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    Subconscious and Unconscious Thoughts

    The subconscious and the unconscious is much more powerful than you think. I find it amazing how anybody can dispute such thought processes. If you are not aware of how you think or feel, how can you make positive or negative judgements about your own actions and behaviors as well as any other...
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    Concerning the unconscious. I call it unawareness. There has to be something within the brain that tells it there's something it wants to tell the conscious brain. What is the it that wants to speak to the brain? I am more inclined to use the word sub-conscious than unconscious. To me the...
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    Is it possible to probe your own unconscious mind from childhood on?

    Is it possible to probe the depths of your own mind, to psychoanalyze yourself, including your unconscious thoughts and feelings during childhood? For example, if I consciously loved playing baseball as a child, how would I know if I unconsciously hated the game?
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    Effects of Unconscious and Unrecognized Beliefs

    In this scientific era, even the masses know about the Submicroscopic Level; of both electrons and microbes and their effects. The effects of 'believed thought', whether unconscious or simply not recognized are; emotional suffering, dysfunctional behavior, stress, mistakes, psychosomatics, etc...
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    Unconscious pattern matching and behaviour

    A fascinating piece of research published recently in Trends in Cognitive Sciences (Vol.8 No.1 January 2004) investigated how people's behaviour could be modified by exposing them to certain 'stereotypes'. The study showed that the subjects would then take on behaviours associated with those...