1. duc

    Time for my introduction thread...

    Hello everyone, my name is John. I'm probably one of the most laid back people you will ever meet, absolutely love learning and community. Like most people, I was first introduced to psychology when I took some classes in college, and over the years, I've continued to enjoy learning more about...
  2. I

    Is it time to break it off with my family?

    I've had some pretty humiliating stuff happen to me due to my bad comportment and had trouble coping with the consequences. As a result of not being able to suck it up, I made a bigger deal out of things than they actually were. I think I did this not only because I was feeling sorry for myself...
  3. M

    Time conception

    so I took so many benzo's the other day, like so many. Now its three days later and I feel halfway back to normal. I thiink I fucked myself up. It feels like its the same day I took them. Its like im stuck and time isn't moving.
  4. J

    What do you think is wrong with me? Hard time understanding abstract ideas.

    I seem to have trouble understanding abstract ideas. I'm terrible in both english and math because it's so abstract. Is there a condition or name for this? What can I do to correct this? Is there any way around it? Please I'm very desperate and in need of help. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  5. Z

    Long Time Absent Father

    To cut a very long story very short ... I have a 34 year old daughter (and 4 grandchildren) that I have never seen I was 19 and her mother was 16, I made her pregnant, denied it and walked away I have been trying to find my daughter since 1995 In May I found her mother who is living abroad...
  6. L

    Being anxious all the time.

    Hi, my name is Leo and i'm 20 years old. Since i was around 15 i started being very anxious mostly in the bus i took to go to school, since the atmosphere was really bad in there. Now that i'm 20 i might wake up one day and just feeling Panic all the time, even the slightest sound, whisper...
  7. S

    Focalin Switched from Time Release to Regular

    Focalin is prescribed to one of my children. The generic name is dexmethlyphenidate <--that's ridiculous I want to share a little "happy" result with you. My son was on Focalin Time Realease and I wanted to up the medication a bit more, but there are concerns with heart...