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    Thought marque, word scolling?

    On the thought process. How does the mind know what to say next when the reader don't. I see these words down on this screen one letter at a time. I summarize like The English software called Grammarly, it has a memory of stored words. Then we do to. We see and learn the different ways to write...
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    Thought stream or chatter

    I have heard of the term (thought stream or mind chatter). It suggests to me that the mind is only busy studying words pictures and past present plus future thoughts and then organizing them into some memory bank, when it's isn't following commands for us. It seems outside stimuli plus...
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    Can 'you' make a thought ? What would you mix ?

    Can you mix energy and consciousness and produce 'thoughts'; or do you only 'use' thoughts already pre-mixed? (E=mc2). I've been using 'pre-mix' most of my life; now I use 'tailored', contingent on current facts, situations, instead of 'tethered' to/by the past. Using...
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    The word thought.

    To me the word thought is exercising the mind/brain to search and find anything you want. To search has to be in a memory storage bank. I have mind chatter sometimes and wonder what it is. Nothing in my mind is organized until I understand the word. Could mind be a whiteboard for the brain? I...
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    What is the or origin of thought

    Where do are thoughts come from? Are the thoughts that we have only stimuli and connections between stimuli, or is there something more, and what would somebody without senses experience, how could they form connections if there is nothing to form connections with?
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    The presumptious thought: Man "creates" reality.

    I have read some of the posts relating to the notion that Man can create "reality". Can we first and foremost accept there are two realities, not just one? There is the reality that the brain and physical senses can perceive... I refer to this as the "illusion of life". Then...
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    Regaining Independent Thought & Reshaping Reality

    I was listening to this radio show yesterday and found them very interesting. The thread posted by PlJames has a similar theme. I thought I would share in this separate thread. 1/4 Regaining Independent Thought & Reshaping Reality 2/4 Regaining Independent...
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    Transcending Thought ( Fact or Fiction? )

    We all think thoughts. What do we do when we think? Is it our brains that think, or is the brain the 'mechanism' we use to 'think with'? As an analogy, can we say we think thoughts the way hens lay eggs? Only our thoughts don't leave our bodies but appear to 'project' a la Rorschach...
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    What Do-U- Believe About 'Believing'? (Never thought about it?)

    Beliefs manifest as experience; across the board. Even if your not aware of the belief; and even if the experience is so mi-nute you need a polygraph to detect it. We subliminally believe some of our thought-images are real and that belief manifests as the experience of emotional suffering...
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    Off the wall thought.

    What if I was born to understand the imperfect world? How can one understand the difference between the perfect world without knowledge of a imperfect one? Knowledge is the key to understanding. Question, maybe there is order in the universe? Thoughts please? pljames
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    Thought Entity

    A THOUGHT ENTITY is the perception created from WANTing (that perception of that THOUGHT ENTITY) xyn...
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    Consciousness and Thought

    Are they inseparably concurrent? Diamonds have facets; are consciousness and thought aspects of a common origin/source? ( some posit the brain ) We talk about subliminal/unconscious beliefs/thoughts. They are not conscious or not 'in' consciousness. Can we be conscious 'of' thoughts, that is...
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    From Perception Back To Thought (unmorph)

    The consensus is that perceptions are a 'given', by way of or from environment; but it works both ways. Example; "I thought the gun was empty." At the moment of pulling the trigger the thought functioned as perception, but because it was false, it reverted back (unmorphed) to thought...
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    "Thought" as electricity? (Merely a metaphor?)

    Think of a image that disturbs you. That 'disturbance' is emotion, a visceral reaction to 'thought' When you 'get' the punch line of a joke, you laugh. Laughter is also visceral reaction to thought. "Thoughts cause physiological/visceral reactions /experience in human organisms." What...
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    Some thoughts are believed. Is "believing" done with thought?

    " Think of a image that disturbs you." You just 'activated' your IMAGE REACTOR. ( It works as automatically as a mirror.) I'm not interested in WHAT/WHICH image you just used; I'm just demonstrating 'your' IMAGE REACTOR. (in action; a 'field test', if you will). You CAN'T SEE IT...
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    Recognize or Believe (not both at once if thought is false)

    If you RECOGNIZE a thought as false, you won't believe it's true. If you BELIEVE a false thought, you don't recognize it's false. "Scientific Method" is about testing theories/thoughts. Why test theories? Testing implies that theories have been and can be false; based on past...
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    is it truly a mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought?

    it's been said that Its the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it... though is that true in my case? i've been accused that i over think things( it's true to a certain extent) whenever i'm going to make a decision i think about a subject from all...
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    A thought on (my) cognitive potential - Would love feedback

    Self worth. Self Esteem. Self Gratification. Is it something that we inherit? Is it something we fabricate to ease a bruised ego? Perhaps for compliments and pity? The product of a bad childhood? Maybe it's all in our minds. Mushy bs that is hand fed to us by an over protective, emotional...
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    Thought Processes and Its Impact

    Behavioral experts tend to focus on an individual’s “current thinking process” that will then affect potential “future life events and/or situations”. Nevertheless, contemporary times tend to ignore a crucial preceding step of a “preceding life event/circumstances/situations” that will affect...
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    The Value of Delusional Thought - Hypothesis

    I welcome input and debate on this but i would appreciate some reasoning included if you disagree. Also, if anyone knows of a similar theory please referrance it so i may read up on it... links would be greatly appreciated if it's fairly obscure. Hypothesis: Delusional thought is a natural...