social interaction

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    How will a highschool react to this type of student?

    How will real life highschool students and real life highschool personnels of diverse types such as athletes, musicians, bullies, populars, intellectuals, average, slackers, goths, beautiful girls, handsome boys, social butterflies, class clowns, janitors, teachers, principals, guards, coaches...
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    How are your stereotypical nerds or geeks made?

    How will nerd culture or geek culture look like if these nerdy hobbies listed below never existed? Would there still even be a nerd culture? Would the stereotypical nerds or geeks even exist? These are the list of nerdy entertainment hobbies I am talking about: 1. Video games 2. Comics 3...
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    Can You Measure Culture?

    Personabilities is on a mission to answer this question! While we already have an intelligence test available (similar to other tests, though backed by more recent research and neuroscience), but the culture test is in the making. We are looking for people interested in being beta users of...