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    [HELP] I don't think I love my boyfriend.

    Hello, everyone. I've been dating my boyfriend for approximately 6 months. I've been trying and trying to love him, but I just can't. And no, I don't plan on running off with anybody else, when I've decided he's the one. There's something blocking my emotions deep in my heart. Even when I try...
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    Hello everyone, love psychologist

    Hello, my name is Amanda and I am a love psychologist. I have many years of experience but I decided to start a blog and write for single women, wives, partners and divorced about relationships, men, dating, sex and breakups. Maybe you will find something for yourself. I cordially invite you to...
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    Can someone help me?

    So there is this girl I like. The story goes: I was passing out flyers in front of a store I work for and one day she goes by and says: ''Please don't talk to me I have the worst day ever'', after I tried giving her a flyer. So I was like OK. And the next day she goes by and comes up to me to...
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    Love and Romance

    We've all experienced love. We've loved (and been loved by) parents, brothers, sisters, friends, even pets. But romantic love is different. It's an intense, new feeling unlike any of these other ways of loving. Why Do We Fall in Love? Loving and being loved adds richness to our lives. When...
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    The 'Vampire' Romance phenonemon - the effects?

    I'm fairly certain that this fiction/movie interest in the vampire/romance genre will run its course in pop culture, as things do. I'm a writer myself, and, looking at the publishing/marketing industry overall, it seems to me that a genre popularity begins with a couple of best-sellers and other...
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    Improving romance after 4yrs of marrige

    What is your best plan to improve the romance in a marrige that is 4 yrs old with a couple that is in their 40's? what could make my husaband happy even when when we are going through bad times with my in-laws. I am trying to make the best out if it.... any suggestions.... ;)