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    List of Myers-Briggs personality type online tests

    A list of links to free online Myers-Briggs personality types tests. The 16 Myers-Briggs personality types are the 16 combinations of the four dichotomies of: extraversion (E) vs introversion (I) sensing (S) vs intuition (N) thinking (T) vs feeling (F) perception (P) vs judgement (J)...
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    List of Big Five personality traits online tests

    A list of links to online Big Five personality tests. The Big Five personality traits are openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism.
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    Personality Psychology Forum

    Personality Psychology Personality psychology is concerned with enduring patterns of behavior, thought, and emotion - commonly referred to as personality - in individuals. Theories of personality vary across different psychological schools and orientations. They carry different assumptions...
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    What is personality?

    I'm currently studying a couple of personality typologies so .... What is personality?
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    theory of personality / career guide

    Hello, my name is Kimani Shorter. I have developed a theory of personality types as well as a career guide to go along with my theory. My idea is based on Carl Jung's theory of archetypes. This is a summary of my concept. Shorter Typology I found a relationship between Carl Jung’s theory of...
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    Need to interview psych professional who has worked with Personality Disorders

    Hello everyone, I am taking a course on Personality Disorders, and one of the projects is to interview a professional (psychologist, therapist) who has worked with someone who has a PD. I can't seem to locate any so I'm hoping someone here can help me out. There are just ten simple questions...
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    Allport's traits: Personality; Help!

    Hi, I am a psychology student required to write a page on Allport's Personality traits..About my own personality traits.. I would characterize myself as: respectful, trusting, sensitive, anxious, honest, emotional, caring, impatient, sophisticated, realistic, mature. However, I am having a hard...
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    Your Big Five personality traits can be deduced from facebook with high accuracy

    It is kind of freaky. Here is the study. They gave 300 facebook users a big five personality test and then analyized their public profiles and found that the traits could be predicted to within 10% accuracy. DELETE FACEBOOK.
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    Narcissistic Personality Inventory

    Narcissistic Personality Inventory: Many of the questions were obnoxious, and kind of obvious, but I like being narcissistic so my high score pleased me.
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    help with personality diagnosis

    hi all i have been in a relationship with someone for a little over a year and she has some personality traits that im not sure i completly understand, but i am pretty sure that alot of her traits are somehow related. i will list them out and see what you guys can come up with, i really look...
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    Can You make personality tests?

    Hi, I´m searching someone who knows how to make personality tests. I need it for my website. Test should be made in Word and you should make questions with answers and define points for every answer. Based on that at the end it should be some explanation or description of personality's...
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    Is this indicative of personality disorder?

    There is a woman that I work with that has, for the entire time she's been here, tried to take over my duties and then pass her duties off to me to do. I know it's not that she wants my present job... because she came back wanting her former job back (which was mine at the time) and so I got...
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    Identify this type of personality inventory question.

    Hello, I would like to find some info on a particular type of personality inventory, but I don't know what it is called. I only know the type of questions used. The test involves a series of questions requiring the tester to pick one of two responses that best describes their personality...
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    General Signs of Personality Disorder

    What are the most common red flags that you're interacting with a personality disordered individual? Are there any general signs that apply to all personality disorders? I know that there are many different personality disorders and that each disorder is characterized by it's own distinctions...
  15. K

    My theory of personality types

    Hello, My name is Kimani Shorter and I'm promoting my theory of personality types and also trying to get a Wikipedia entry for it. This is a summary of my theory and the three types I came up with.
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    Personality Testing

    What is the difference between projective and objective testing? Which would be more favorable, when giving the test to a client.
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    Personality Disorder?

    I recently broke up with my boyfriend of 5 months. It was his erratic personality and heavy emotional swings that eventually lead me to this decision. But after having a few days to ponder who he actually was, and why he phased me so, I came to the conclusion that he had a serious psychological...
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    antisocial personality disorder

    I recently broke up with my boyfriend of 5 months. It was his erratic personality and heavy emotional swings that eventually lead me to this decision. But after having a few days to ponder who he actually was, and why he phased me so, I came to the conclusion that he had a serious psychological...
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    Describing House M.D. personality...

    I think most of people here have seen the show. It is quite popular and heavily psychological. I wanted to discuss about his personality, what is he like, what is wrong with him or good with him. I have made an opinion myself of course, and I will state it below. Please post your analyze of...
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    A Psychologist's View of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

    Hi everyone, I'm a psychologist and author of two books, the first entitled The Therapist's Use of Self in Family Therapy was published 10 years ago. The second, entitled The Emotional Toolbox: A Manual for Mental Health is currently available in its entirety on my website...