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    How to encourage a person who has given up?

    Hello everybody! :) I'm dealing with a situation I'd very much like to hear your opininons on. The subject I want to discuss is a person very close to me - my boyfriend. So here's the thing: We've been together for more than 2 years, moved in together and spent most of that time with each...
  2. D

    Really need a psychology person to proofread my senior paper!

    I am writing a senior paper for the International Baccalaeraute program and I really need someone to proofread my senior paper. I was going to write it without one but my teacher said he will not accept a finished paper and therefore not turn it in to IB and therefore not allow me to graduate...
  3. S

    What makes a person?

    What makes me any different from the person next to me? What defines me? Is it something as frivolous as what I wear? Is it something as epic as every single action or event leading up to this second? I'm at a loss. Could not the person who sits across from me on the bus be me? Could I be him...
  4. R

    Is it possible for a person to have zero mental illnesses?

    In my Abnormal Psychology book, it looks like there are over 100 different mental illnesses listed. With that many possibilities, I'm assuming everyone has at least one mental illness. Do you think it's possible for someone to have not a single mental illness?
  5. C

    How often does a person with schitzophrenia get cured?

    how often? thank you. I need to know.
  6. H

    How can I make sense of the person I have become

    My apologies for the length of this post. Until I moved in with my "father" and his new wife when I was 12 years old, I had been rotationally living with my grandmother, aunt, and other relatives. During the first 12 years of my life, I have been beaten, deprived with food, had my...
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    Highly Sensitive Person

    Hello all! I'm new to this forum! :) How many of you have heard of being HSP, or a highly sensitive person? This is a book called the "Highly Sensitive Person" by Dr. Aron, but I have yet to read it. I've read some excerpts and looked up some websites about high sensitivity, and...
  8. P

    A very strange person... #4

    She was my classmate, she's around 16 years old. She almost always smiles, but smiles not like a normal person, just with a smile, and that's a facial expression triggered by her brains, not a constant facial expression. She is a believer of some religion, same as her mother and father. The...
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    Why do this person act like this? *Heavy read warning!!!*

    Hi everyone. I like with my mom and grandpa. We live near other family - my mother's brother (my grandpa's son) and his wife, my godfather. There is a very strange situation of an attempt to control our lives. Godfather lost his mom (grandma, with whom we used to live) two years ago. Then he...
  10. O

    Are you a good person?

    Are you a good person? Most people would like to think of themselves as a good person, but the sad fact is, more people are really not as good of a person as they think they are. The ten clear signs below on how to know if you are a good person can help you Are you a good person? Most people...
  11. P

    Fake memory/memory loss/denial. What to do with such a person?

    Hi everyone. I'm a teenager and my mom has borrowed about 100-200 dollars (I'm not from US.) and she is denying, that she did that. Seems like she's lying on the first look, but if you look at her, she seems to be telling the truth (she thinks so.). So in my opinion, it's something like...
  12. L

    Can deaths of a dog and a friend affect person's other relationship 9 yrs later?

    I noticed that I have usually lose friendships around this season. I did not know why till I noticed that I went to the beach to relax from mental stress yesterday. The beach is one of the few places I took my dog when she was alive; she died 10 years ago in Aug on a Weds. My dog died 10 years...
  13. S

    A very funny psycology test testing which kind of person you are.

    There is a palm tree. The tree is very high. 4 animal pass by the tree. They are a monkey, a chimpanzee, a orangutan and King Kong. They want to have a competition to see which can climb to the tree and pick the banana in the fastest speed. What do you think would the winner be? Choose the...
  14. I

    Need advice on how to let go & how to build trust to person who betrayed it??

    I am in my mid 20s, so this situation may make MOST of you roll your eyes and think how stupid this is. I believe it's from lack of experience in life so I hope you all can help me out from your life experiences. :) I have HONESTLY tried finding ANY information based on my situation but it's not...
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    Video of Carl Rogers - person centred counselling - the Gloria tapes

    the ellusive videos of carl rogers counselling gloria finally on you tube part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5...
  16. K

    Lay person's questions for short story topic

    I would like some simple information on behavior psychology as relates to neuroscience and pathology for a short story idea I am about to write. I don't need detailed information since it's just a short, but would at least like some of the aspects to at least reflect some factual background...
  17. C

    First new person in a month?

    'Ello. Am a Lic. Marriage and Family Therapist, Lic. Psychiatric Technician, and Master's level Addictions Counselor in LA. Have a private practice, and am a Quality Director of an inpatient facility. Nice to meet 'ya.
  18. D

    whats your pet hate in a person?

    I hate it when someone is a smart arse, know-it-all, i especially hate it when they try to make you feel stupid to boot. Theres a guy on my team at work whos exactly like this. He also has to be the best at everything and gets angry if someone beats him. I used to know another guy like this...
  19. E

    You know that person that really winds you up...

    There must be somebody that really gets you really wound up, or somebody that you just dont like for some reason. Maybe there is someone that you just can't stand to be around. There may be one person that you think of straight away when asked "who is that you dont like?" what is it...