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    The hidden masks of people.

    For whatever reason I cannot explain, I seem to sense people as they are not, but should be. Why is my question? In time they do not seem what they act like. I am becoming suspicious of everybody I meet. What emotion causes this behavior (becoming suspicious and why people aren't what they...
  2. H

    I fantasize about killing myself and other people too

    I feel that I am losing control over myself. It's been a month if not more, that I have been fantasizing about killing people, and it has been a year or so that I have been fantasizing about killing myself. In my fantasies about committing suicide, I mostly end up alive and watch others suffer...
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    Masked people

    I have been noticing people lately. They seem to be masked and not who they really seem to be. My question is (why). We all have our idiosycracies. Are is it my perception of how I am observing them? I listen evaluate the question and answer it as I understand it. Am I becoming paranoid or am I...
  4. C

    really looking to go outside to meet new people.

    (sorry to post it again.) really looking to go outside to meet new people,find some support,but i'm afraid of being family are snobish,and outside it people are even more snobish as weakness draws i'm oppressed inside and outside.others pose an intrusion on my basic...
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    child pornography addiction???please i need help people please!!!!!!!!!

    hello there(im going to write for a friend of mine) im 18 years old i have never have sex with a woman or even kissed a girl i like only girls, im straight, im good looking i must say but i lack in confidence when i am about to speak with other people....i have this problem that began last...
  6. Y

    Why Do People Put Themselves In Denial?

    Hey, I'm having a project, and would like to ask a question. Why do people that go through a traumatic experience of lost put themselves in denial and never lose hopes? (e.g. someone that's lost his son in a plane accident in the army, and still believe that there is still chance and he's gotta...
  7. A

    People who try and test you

    I'm wondering what motivates people to try and test others to see what they can get away with. Personally, I've never felt the need to test others so I'm at a loss as to why someone would behave like this. Is it just a matter of seeing if others will allow you to treat them badly? I've run...
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    Psychology, Why people think what they think?

    I am beginning to regret getting into understanding psychology or why people think what they think? The mind can be simple and complex. It seems to me that complexity seems to be the answer when there is more people than less people. It also seems outside circumstances move us to question why...
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    Why do people point to others in photos?

    Hi PF, I have a question that I was wondering if you could answer; why do people point to the person next to them in photos? I saw some psychologist break it down a year or two ago and I can't for the life of me remember what he/she said. Shown below is an example of it and I've found it even...
  10. V

    Do you feel that people respect you?

    A simple question, if you'd like to participate you can answer and you can be as short or as in depth as you like.
  11. C

    The average people

    Hello, I have searchef for something similar,and did not find so I started the thread and I have a dilemma : I don't like average people because I think they are too superficial. They like to party lot,drink a lot,smoke stupid thinks a lot,they like girls that are ... hmm not ugly,but they...
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    Why do people invent a fictive you?

    Ok, before you all go, "wha?!?!" :o You know when you dont speak to some people and you have your own group; and you just really see certain people and say hi/bye and thats really it. Why is it that, those people invent crazy theories about you, make unfounded judgement on who you...
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    Science FICTION to Science FACT yet scientist look down on creative people!

    Today I've learned something from the posting of people in this forum, and I'm always glad to learn something new, especially in psychology as I like to learn about behaviour. Today I've learned that science minded people tend to look down on creative people. Why is this? I can only speculate...
  14. K

    How can some people NEVER panic about ANYTHING???

    Do you know what I'm talking about? There are some people who are always worried about everything! (most people fit into THIS category). They'll say things like: "What if I fail the exam and not get into University!" "What if I can't find a job after finishing school!&quot...
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    How to deal with people who get on your nerves?

    For the past 6 months or so I've been working with a lot of people, I lreally love them, we work really well together & I feel I really belong amongst them. Anyway about 3 weeks ago a new guy joined us and I began to notice he was getting on peoples nerves. Nothing was said, I could just see...
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    Why do people make decisions that make themselves hypocrites?

    For example First: (let us assume that motorcycles are safer than horses(yes I know this can be debated)) Parent: Hates motorcycles, thinks they are very dangerous and you essentially will die Parent also has a spouse that rode motorcycles and got very injured/stopped riding and now at the age...
  17. P

    Why people do what they do.

    :)With all people the need a history of why they do what they do is neccessary. Whatever the reason rational or illrational (did I spell that right) a reason exists. The mind can be excdeedingly complex. Eventually with time some truth might come to light. pljames
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    Why do people watch horror/gore movies??

    Thanks to Zepher08, I modified the question. This is quite uh.. quite a bit easier. What drives people's behavior of watching scenes that they consider "horrible?" Does anyone have an opinion? so for example, you would imagine that violent murder scene in a movie or an music video...
  19. S

    Mixing people up

    To me it nearly happened that I mixed people up. I considered my friend Kathy to be Anja Parish. Did anything like that happen to u, too? cheers, tine
  20. R

    Beating Addiction - People cant accept the change

    Hi, First of all, i hope people don't mind my posting on here as im not a Psychologist or a student of Psychology but i am hoping someone can either help or point me in the right direction. :) I used to be an alcoholic, for nearly 15 years it controlled my life but i finally conquered it and...