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    Thinking about death all the time

    Hi all, i decided to post here to find out how many people have experienced same problem and how to deal with it. I am 25 yr old and I think about death and dying every single day since july (i think) i was always aware of dying one day but i never really paid any attention to it or at least i...
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    My mind or alter ego?

    My mind is a interesting object. It wanders sometimes and I never gave it permission to do that, the question is why? Am I who I think I am or is my mind controlling me instead of vice versa and why? I call my alter ego my dark side. Take the word control. Someone has to be in control of you and...
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    Another question about the mind.

    Is it possible to interpret the brain as a tree. It has roots a trunk and limbs. The roots being the different parts of the brain, the trunk being the whole body of the brain and the roots the electrical impulses. Could the nervous system be part of the body that sends neurons to the brain...
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    The nature of things - Changing your mind

    An episode of a long-running Canadian science documentary series which airs on the CBC, called "The Nature of Things", hosted by Dr. David Suzuk. This episode talks about breakthrough research in neuroplasticity, or using the brain's ability to heal itself in cases where it was...
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    Consciousness of the brain and of the mind?

    Is the brain conscious of itself and the mind? I see a picture of my brain and know it is there (physically). I cannot see my mind, yet it's invisible and within my brain. Is the brain and mind aware of each other? I see the brain as input and a processor. I see the mind as output. Data is taken...
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    How the mind works: by Steven Pinker

    How the Mind Works. By Steven Pinker Steven Arthur Pinker (born September 18, 1954) is a Canadian-born experimental psychologist, cognitive scientist, linguist and popular science author. He is a Harvard College Professor and the Johnstone Family Professor in the Department of Psychology at...
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    Can the conscious mind talk to the pre-subconscious mind?

    It would seem to me the conscious mind could talk to the sub/preconscious mind and envoke stored thoughts and rethink them from negative to positive? How exactly would that work? I am aware of my consciousness but my mind is still a mystery to me. I think I can change my stored negative thoughts...
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    primordial mind

    ??? I heard the expresion the primordial mind. I assume this means (like cave man). What gains in evolution has mans mind exspanded or evolved? The term (universal mind comes to mind). I can understand primitive man just trying to stay alive because of his enviroment at that time. But what of...
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    Esoteric mind biological heart.

    If the emotions are created from the heart then the definitions of these emotions are created in the mind. We usually convince ourself our mind is everything mind heart body and such. But what if the mind is knowledge in essence of mind heart body etc? So mind heart and body are holisitic with...
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    Mind reading as psychology help.

    I just read about mind reading in the future (perferably with a licensed professional) helping one get their mental life straight. Thoughts please. pljames
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    Thoughts Come To Mind

    "Hello thought'- Welcome to my world-view." Is my affect idiosyncratic or does this statement affect you too? How is it relevant to you? Do you 'have' a thought that disturbs you (a la Epictetus) every time it comes to mind? Bring it to mind now and simultaneously think; " Hello...
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    Brain mind body.

    ;D The brain is biological and has a input process and output .Then as well, so does the mind. The bain somehow controls all aspects of mind and body. I have concluded that the mind is a slate board of the brain. I am almost convinced that the soul is the visible part of the body and the...
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    The reality of the mind

    I need your advice. I am convinced that when I see (reality, concrete reality) it exists! But when I know the reality of immorality, my mind creates it's (own reality which is a illusion delusion because I do not want to accept immorality as a truth). How can it do that knowing that action is...
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    Mind control

    :) I just read where the Arm forces are looking into controlling robots with their mind. Also it has been said one can control their computer with their mind (no typing). Maybe I am in left field here but it would seem the next action would be reading ones mind and mind control. How does this...
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    A murderous mind in a healthy body. Emptiness is eating me alive.

    Hi. Thank you for reading. Excuse my english, I'm from a non english speaking country. On to the "problem". I'm sure a lot of people, including some on this forum, have felt the feeling of sadness over a wasted day, or a wasted life. I'm a 29 year old boy\man. Physically healthy...
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    Can the mind be rational and ill rational?

    My wife is on medicine for pain. Sometimes she is rational and sometimes ill rational. Can the person also be this way if not on drugs and what is this called? pljames
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    Wandering Mind Keeps Me Awake

    So I've read a lot of messages from other people's posts about insomnia and other sleeping problems and still no help yet. I have a wandering mind that keeps me awake to all hours of the night. I usually don't fall asleep much before 5 on a good night. I'm 20 years old, average shape, and just...
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    Mind imagines things incorrectly?

    Not sure where to put this, hopefully this is okay. I was wondering if anyone had a similar problem to this or has heard of this. When I'm reading a story, I'll imagine it in my mind. Except my mind often imagines it incorrectly and refuses to correct itself. For instance, a character could...
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    Is mind reading a scientific topic?

    Dear All, I heard about some one who can read people's minds even memories of the past (not past life). I would like to know that is there any scientific explanation for it? Thank you, More details about that person: He is a religious person that people go to meet him. They say he can read...
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    Is it possible to probe your own unconscious mind from childhood on?

    Is it possible to probe the depths of your own mind, to psychoanalyze yourself, including your unconscious thoughts and feelings during childhood? For example, if I consciously loved playing baseball as a child, how would I know if I unconsciously hated the game?