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    I am a new member from GA

    I am a 68 year old male from the state of Georgia in the Southern United States. I have been spending a lot of time on Philosophy sites and forums. I have been looking for a forum that is similar to the one I spent time on in myspace before it died on the vine and was replaced by facebook. Is...
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    Hello Everyone!!! New Member here

    Hello Everyone, I'm not a psychology student or professional. However, I did at one point want to pursue a future in the field, but my decision was influenced into a different direction. Before posting anything about myself, I was wondering if this was the correct place to post information...
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    new member

    hi there. I'm sure to have lots of questions. thank you!
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    New member intro

    Hello, first time writing to the board. I just turned 40 and my life is mostly failures, disappointments and bitterness. I have tried shrinks several times but I always end up getting bored by them. They just sit there, quietly, and every once in a while will say, "so how does that make...
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    New member!

    Hello everyone! :) My name is Manon Eileen and I'm a clinical psychologist and criminologist in training. I also write (science) fiction on the side. I thought I'd come check out this site and see what you are all up to..! I also have a website where I regularly blog about psychology and...
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    new member

    Hi, I'm not sure what my diagnosis is. I went to a p doc who says ptsd, but I think I may be bi polar. She says not because I did not experience euphoria. I do have periods where I get frustrated and even angry because people can be so slow and I know I can do it better. At least I'd like to...
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    Hello! My first discussion as a member!

    Hello, my name is Chris. I'm new to these forums as a member, but I have read discussions a few times. I was wondering about something and I figured this would be the place to bring such a question. I have been interested in studying criminal psychology for some time, but I'm not sure I'm...
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    Need help with immature family member

    I’m desperately seeking advice on how to remedy a serious problem in my family. This directly involves my brother and his now-wife. For starters, my brother and his wife are both very immature, something my entire family and friends observe and agree on; my brother is emotionally dependent on...
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    Family member

    I have a sister-in-law who suffers from bipolar disorder, dang she scares me sometimes. How can I cope with her craziness? I love her to death but I am always afraid I will say something to set her off.