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    Why when I get rejected by a girl , I start to remember and miss my first love?

    I usually don't think about her that much anymore.I have not seen the girl since 2007 but whenever i get turned down or when I am depressed ,I start to think about her a lot and miss her
  2. Y

    True love?

    Guy 1: So say a girl is just friends with benefits with a guy and she loses her virginity to him and she says she is in love with him to a friend, but never tells him. One day he rapes her and the "relationship" goes nowhere and she ends the FWB thing. It lasted three months. She stays in...
  3. H

    More than friends? Or maybe not...

    Hey everyone! So I work with this guy and we've become really close lately. To the point where the other night we drank wine, watched movies, talked, and kind of cuddled. I've become really fond of him, and he can be very flirtacious with me; it gets confusing. I'm not sure whether I should...
  4. D

    Why do we love women from behind, by they love us from the front?!

    Why do we love women from behind, by they love us from the front?! From movies and life everybody knows the fact that men like to look at women from behind, but few people think about the root causes. As the weaker sex is mostly engaged in the low qualified rough work caring for children...
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    I love psychology

    I love psychology, but I have learned when trying to help a person with any emotional problem they seem convinced they are not the problem, it is always someone else's problem. I understand their denial, but what approach should one use to make them think about questioning their problem? Paul
  6. G

    is that she doesnt love me?

    I am dating a girl that I think may have some sort of commitment anxiety. I think that she loves me. I am scared that I might feel this way because it is what I want to feel. I am looking for guidance to see if this is a real issue, or is that she doesn’t want to be with me at all, and does not...
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    Why do older kids love horror movies?

    Why do older kids love horror movies? Any views on this ? Seems so.............
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    Love hate

    I understand I was born into a so()ial world like it or not. I was one under the influen()e of so()ial programming. I am now a individual and still are under the influen()e of the government and powers that are above me. I understand them and hurt by them beause they have program my belief...
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    Love and Romance

    We've all experienced love. We've loved (and been loved by) parents, brothers, sisters, friends, even pets. But romantic love is different. It's an intense, new feeling unlike any of these other ways of loving. Why Do We Fall in Love? Loving and being loved adds richness to our lives. When...
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    I love psychology but?

    ??? I love psychology but as with philosophy their are issues that one might not understand and argue about. I am beginning to believe that (I am not understood) when I give a (op). I seem to have this (fanaticism) on being (understood). It's beginning to worry me. I have family issues that I...
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    Should I give love a chance?

    Sorry for the long email Four months ago, I met a wonderful guy – let’s call him Mark and we fell in love. He’s considerate and highly intelligent, and we have a lot the same interests and I’m very turned on by him. We are both divorced, in our late 40s. I’ve been divorced for 10 years and but...
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    What causes to 'love' somebody?

    Hi. First of all - I'm a rational thinker. I know that love is a chemical reaction, which creates more endorphins, Vassopresin and possibly other chemicals which I have no knowledge of. (Actually just read something in science forums a long, long time ago, so I might be wrong even about these...
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    Longing for love affair

    I never experienced much love from the heart from my family. My father behaves as a short love affair towards me (he abused me in early childhood) My mother dislikes and rejects me (as girls were rejected in former times) In my heart I always remained lonesome (as a true development aid...
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    A thought on (my) cognitive potential - Would love feedback

    Self worth. Self Esteem. Self Gratification. Is it something that we inherit? Is it something we fabricate to ease a bruised ego? Perhaps for compliments and pity? The product of a bad childhood? Maybe it's all in our minds. Mushy bs that is hand fed to us by an over protective, emotional...
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    A confusing Love problem

    I have a love problem... To be frank, I am asian, overweight, but, cool with everyone, in school, and I am of average 176 cm height (5'10)... There is a girl that is pretty hot, but, I am not sure if she likes me. this is how it goes. I didn't have much of a sexual/romantic desire for her...
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    love relationship counsel

    i am a 65 year old man who has fallen in love with a 56 year old woman... we met online and exchanged messages and chatted for several months... when we met face to face about a month ago, we had a perfect day with a day trip and dinner... since then, we have been together a number of times and...
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    Cab you do "love" ?

    or is love something one feels when they respect others? You cannot "glee" someone. Can you "sad"? Or is sad a feeling? Anyone know a book title on this subject? I would think this would make for good discussion here.
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    Languages of Love

    This is a short assessment you can use to see what your "love language" is. It can be used to help couples learn how to communicate with each other. My love language is Words of Affirmation: Mark Twain once said “I can live for two...